Website optimalization for SEO

Optimizing a website for search engines consists of on-site and off-site optimization

Strong SEO copy, a well-thought-out navigation structure and backlinks of relevant websites are indispensable to a website looking for a strong online presence.

The basis of search engine optimization

Good website copy is the basis of a website needing a strong online presence. In combination with a well-thought-through internal link structure and navigation flow this forms the on-site optimization.

SEO-texts, link structure and navigation

To inform the target group to the best of your ability, it is important to know what information she is looking for. Through a comprehensive keyword analysis, we analyze the content that the target group is looking for and in what way these needs can be met, to subsequently activate and convert them. We carefully determine the search terms and start on the website copy and the meta tags. Besides this we take a good look at the internal link structure and navigation and make sure these are set up in an optimal way.

Off-site optimization: link building

For a strong online presence in Google not only the website should be set up in an optimal way, it is also important that other (relevant) websites link to your website. This is called off-page optimization or link building. Besides SEO copy we also develop comprehensive link building strategies.

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