Website maintenance

The Online Group manages the maintenance of your website, app or web shop and ensures that it always functions optimally

New updates and developments of systems follow each other quickly. Continuous maintenance is therefore essential to make sure the website, web shop or app functions as expected. New rules of search engines like Google often ask for adjustments. We take over the maintenance and optimization of the website or app of our clients where needed.

Hosting through Byte or own hosting partner

As a partner of Byte we manage the hosting of the website or app, also technically. If there already is a hosting partner, our specialists can work with them.

Optimizing on the basis of statistics

Where needed we devise a monthly report of website statistics and relevant KPI’s. We use this to gain insights into the performance of the web pages, optimizing the pages that perform insufficient.

Content marketing and social media marketing

Another way to keep the website up-to-date, is regularly publishing new content. This creates interest for the website with the target group, makes them want to return and adds to a better position in search engines. We can also shape a social media strategy and manage the different channels.

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