Website copy

Writing of website copy

An easy to locate website starts with high quality website copy. Keywords research is at the base of website optimization for search engines, selecting relevant keywords and creating website copy. Additionally, we can develop images or video and optimize the speed of the website.

Keyword analysis

By employing the right techniques and writing clear SEO copy, we ensure high online visibility for your website in search engines. We always start with a keyword analysis to gain insight into the need for information of the target group. Based on these insights we determine, in consulation, the general content of the pages. Subsequently we create the copy and perform search engine optimization for the website.

SEO copy

Based on the keyword analysis we produce clear website copy that corresponds with the search queries of the target group. We consider the ideal length of the copy, use an appropriate tone-of-voice that fits with the organization and write catchy meta copy. We also implement a relevant URL structure. In consultation, we determine the number of pages and potential support of images and video for the content.

Search engine optimization

Not only the production of search engine optimized content contributes to a high online presence in search engines. The speed of the website, a good website structure and the use of images also contribute to optimizing the website. We’d like to discuss the possibilities for your organization over a cup of coffee. Besides the fact that good content enhances the user experience of the website, powerful images ensure that visitors remain on your website for a longer period of time. These can be stock photos, but also custom created photos shot by our photographers.

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