Webshop development

The Online Group creates your webshop

Do you have a new product that you would like to put on the market as fast as possible? Or do you want to move your current product from offline to online? A webshop is indispensable these days as an addition to a physical store. Many skip the physical location and instantly move online. With a webshop you can increase your outlets because you have a far larger potential target group. It is therefore important that the appearance of your webshop is optimal. If your webshop is unclear, your customer is gone in the blink of an eye. For instance, it is important that your products are shown in a clear way and that product specifications are easy to read.

We provide support with the whole process

The Online Group helps to get your webshop started. We arrange everything; from design and development, to maintenance of your webshop. We make sure your webshop is fast, so that images of products load fast. We can also offer different modes of payment for your clients. When the webshop is developed, we can help you through search engine marketing to be found in Google. This way clients know where to find you when they are looking for your products.

Responsive webshops

The webshops we develop are responsive; they automatically adapt to the size of the tablet or smartphone. The visitor is able to easily order your products with different devices.

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