Social posts

Creation of social media content

Everyday a lot of content is shared through social media channels. By people, but also by organizations. To stand out in a crowd of these posts it is important that social media content connects with the imagination of the target group and is distinctive. We create daily content for social media channels of different organizations in B2B and B2C sectors.

Textual and visual content

Content for social media consists of captivating, interesting content and memorable images or videos that grab the attention of the target group. Depending on the demands we create social media content that suits the company and the needs of the target group.

Social media strategy

Depending on the designated target group we devise relevant content themes, a tone of voice and an appealing visual style that fits with the identity of the company. We delve deeply into the target group and analyze what content they would like to see. We analyze the results of ads continually to gain insight into the performance of the content and adjust where needed. We produce periodic content calendars with social media posts for different content themes.

We create appealing content

We create content for different brands in diverse sectors. We inform a business type target group of KPMG on LinkedIn, but also stimulate young parents on Facebook to involve their kids more with language for the municipality of Amsterdam. Let us discuss ways to create social media content. Contact us!

Outsource web care & social media

Our social media marketers are specialized in community management, web care and advertising on different social media channels.

It is important that social posts are created in a tone-of-voice that speaks to the target group. The same applies to website copy, which we always write based on a keyword analysis and in the language of the target group.

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