Social content creation

The Online Group is an expert in the field of social media content

After the strategy phase it is time to shape the content calendar of the social media channels. The Online Group creates social posts and – apps for different social media channels. Together we look at what form of content is the best fit with the target group, goals and the identity of an organization.

Content calendar

By analyzing the target group thoroughly, our community managers know what interests them. Based on this information we develop relevant and interactive social posts that speak to the community. We produce both textual and visual content. All social posts are clearly displayed in a monthly content calendar, that is submitted for approval to the client beforehand.

Textual and visual social posts

At The Online Group we develop textual as well as visual social posts. We know how to combine images and text in a creative way in content that galvanizes the target group and stimulates interaction. For a brand it is important to develop a recognizable visual style and tone-of-voice that fits with the organization and target group. We translate this style into different types of visual content, like custom designed visuals, photos, videos and infographics.

Social apps

Through deploying viral apps, like a photo competition, quiz or other unique competition on social media, a social community is kept lively and engagement is created. We develop social- and web-applications that can be used for competitions. If needed, we take care of app-management, from the start of the competition to checking submissions and selecting winners. If needed, we also look for a sponsor.

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