Social apps

The Online Group has years of experience developing social apps

Setting up an online- or social media campaign where an application is key, can do a lot for a brand: not only likes and traffic, but also engagement, lead quality, lead generation and brand experience. Our creatives and developers develop unique and efficient social apps for both desktop, mobile and tablet.


Proper social apps generate growth, reach and engagement of a community on social media. We devise and create applications that fit the interests of the target group and enhance the ability of posts going viral on social media in the best way possible. Think of Facebook competitions and social-games. We are not stuck in certain frameworks and are able to work from past successes. We have seen many of our clients grow digitally through deploying social-apps and competitions. Within a short while a large reach and a lot of engagement with the brand can be generated.

Responsive design

The social apps we devise, are at all times responsive. They fit neatly to the size of a screen of a mobile phone or tablet. We ensure an application works perfectly on any device.

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