Search engine marketing strategy

Get a higher position in Google through website optimization

After the research phase it is time to set up the search engine marketing strategy. The Online Group has specialized knowledge on both the services of advertising using Google AdWords (SEA), as well as organic search engine optimization of the website (SEO). Together we look what services suit the needs and goals. Subsequently we begin working on converting strategic plans into measurable results.

Enhance SEO and SEA

The keyword analysis and SEO-scan map what the target group is looking for, the content that is needed and what improvements exist for the website. Based on these results we provide a suitable SEO and/or SEA analysis that should reach your organization’s goals. Search engine marketing works twofold: search engine optimization and ads can be employed independently, or together. Want to achieve a higher position in Google? Precisely the combination of the two can ensure an optimal online presence in search engines.

How we work

We research the target group, analyze the website and give practical advice based on reaching the goals. This way we create a substantiated search engine marketing strategy where we take into account the different opportunities search engine optimization and search engine advertising offer. Website optimization is often a part of this.

Search engine marketing and content marketing

We do thorough research, in order to find out what kind of information the target group needs and what content works best to reach her. By creating content that fits the need for information, we ensure a strong online presence of your website in search engines and create a path to conversion for the target group. Content marketing is therefore an important part of search engine marketing. Our team of content marketeers is specialized in creating relevant and inspiring content that is optimized for search engines.

Implementing the strategy

Following the keyword research and –analysis and the development of a suitable SEM strategy, our search engine specialists start working on building a strong online presence in search engines for the website and the set-up of an AdWords campaign.

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