Search engine optimization

Optimize your SEO and SEA for the best results

At The Online Group we think it is important that search engine marketing is optimally deployed. We generate relevant traffic from prospects to the website through search engine optimization and effectuate clicks and conversions through ads. By monitoring and analyzing the effects constantly, we make sure that the online presence of the website in search engines is optimal.

Website optimization

Search engines often change the demands a website with a strong online presence should meet. Therefore, it is important to continually optimize the website. Our search engine specialists keep track of the search engine positioning and ensure that the website is always up-to-date, fast loading and search engine friendly.

Conversion optimization

Through conversion optimization we make sure to get the best out of the available budget. By analyzing website statistics, we keep an eye on traffic and the number of conversions from search engines. This way we get a good idea of the performance of content and search engine ads. On the base of this data we adjust on-page elements where needed, to optimize for clicks, traffic and conversions.

Search engine marketing reporting

We analyze website statistics thoroughly and develop a report containing search engine marketing data. Among other things, we look at the pages the visitor lands on when he enters the website, the bounce rate and the path the visitor follows on the website. After the analysis we create a search engine marketing report. Here, we process charts and tables, substantiate certain insights and give advice for the purpose of conversion optimization. These reports we can send out weekly, monthly or every quarter.

SEO is developing constantly

The factors that determine if a website has a strong or not so strong presence in search engines, change all the time. Websites that are not optimized (in the right fashion), are ‘punished’ and are harder to locate through search engines. The Online Group keeps a close watch on developments in the field of search engine marketing, ensuring a website is up-to-date and meets the latest demands in the field of SEO.
In our blog we share the latest developments and write about everything that has to do with digital marketing.

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