SEA campaign

The Online Group deploys SEA marketing to drive the most relevant traffic to your website

Besides organic search engine optimization and link building, advertising in Google (SEA) is another effective way to get a product or service to the attention of a specific target group. As a Google certified search engine marketing agency, our AdWords specialists are experienced in setting up potent Google AdWords campaigns.

Advertising with Google AdWords

Before we launch an AdWords campaign, we carefully research the search behavior of the potential client by performing a keyword analysis. By subsequently determining relevant search terms, we make sure that the ads in Google achieve visibility on subjects the target group is looking for to effectuate the highest amount of conversions.

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign

Advertising in Google starts with picking the right campaign. These can be Search, Display, Shopping and/or Video ads. With a Search campaign your ads appear in Google, and with a Display campaign your ads appear on websites and apps that are related to the targeted keywords. Depending on the goal of your Google AdWords campaign, we choose the best one to achieve the best results.

Conversion optimization

We keep track of the different ads to ensure that the maximum result is achieved within the budget that is available. We analyze the performance of the search terms that are advertised on, texts that are used in the Google AdWords campaign and the path to conversion a (potential) client follows. By continually keeping track of the performance of the ads and optimizing where needed, we get the most out of the campaign.

Outsource SEA

Need help with your AdWords campaign and strengthen the online presence of the website? As a certified search engine marketing agency we take a look at what is possible when advertising for search engines. Dependent on the goals and the budget we develop a suitable search engine marketing strategy to optimize the online presence of your website.

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