Email marketing by professionals

Supplying the right content at the right time is an essential part of online lead generation. An effective way to provide the target group with relevant information and connect her to the organization is through emailings and marketing automation. An e-mail is a great way to increase conversion. Our content marketers know what the target group likes and effortlessly create effective emailings.

Effective emailings

An effective email campaign can yield a lot of engagement and provide insights into the target group’s need for information. We create interesting messages that captivate the target audience and analyze every emailing in a detailed fashion. Every month, we supply these insights as feedback in a clear report.

Marketing automation

By doing research on the need for information of the target group and provide her with personalized content during different phases of the buying cycle, the lead is being nourished. We provide content with the right call-to-actions, focusing on the marketing goals of the organization, identifying the online visitors and converting them into a customer.

Outsourcing your mailings?

From developing a newsletter template, gathering relevant information, creating great content and images to sending out the email; we take care of everything from start to finish.
An example of content that can be sent through email, is a whitepaper. Through a whitepaper you can provide a specific target group with relevant and profound information. It is also possible to offer a whitepaper on your website in exchange for an email address. This way you can grow your mailing list organically.

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