Link building

Link building to enhance online visibility

Not only the development of website texts and optimizing of the internal link structure ensure that a website achieves a strong online presence in search engines. Also the acquiring of relevant backlinks (other websites that link to your website content) is an important aspect that determines the position of websites in search engines.

SEO & link building

Search engine optimization consists of on-site and off-site optimization. On-site optimization is the optimizing of website content and the internal link structure. Off-site optimization consists of acquiring backlinks from relevant websites. The more online sources that refer to the website, the better the positioning in search engines will be.

Start with a link building strategy

To receive relevant backlinks, it is important that the website contains unique and valuable content. Secondly, people should know content exists. Our SEO – text writers and online strategists develop a link building strategy that is aimed at optimizing the content and distributing it to generate relevant links to the website.

Outsource link building

Optimizing the content and working out a link building-strategy is a time consuming occupation that not everyone has the time and knowledge for. The outsourcing of on-site and off-site optimization to professionals that do this daily can be convenient. The Online Group analyzes the website and optimizes the website where it’s needed. Get in touch with us to look at opportunities for search engine optimization.

Advertising in Google

Besides content optimization and generating links to become easily located in Google, it is also possible to advertise in Google with Google AdWords. The Online Group is partner of Google and has a lot of experience in setting up potent AdWords campaigns to achieve instant success in Google.

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