Design of infographics

An infographic is a practical way to present complex information, data or statistics in an appealing way to the target group. After all, our brain understands and remembers visual information better than textual content. Organizations like to deploy infographics to display data in a clear and manageable manner.

From dry data to vivid illustrations

It is important to know what the exact message is that has to be transmitted if one wants to have an infographic designed. Together we determine what has to be communicated with an infographic. Subsequently we work on the design. We create (we may or may not use the existing style) a recognizable visual style and on the basis of this we work out all the visual elements.

Circulating the infographic

During the creation phase there are several opportunities where feedback can be shared. When the infographic is finished, the moment to circulate it through social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, has arrived. We are very good at managing this part of the process.

Your infographic designed by The Online Group?

Not everyone has the time, means and knowledge to devise an infographic by themselves. In this case it can be convenient to outsource this to people that have made this their specialty. The Online Group knows how to translate raw data into clear illustrations to get the message across. We’d happily discuss different options over a cup of cappuccino. Please feel free to contact us.

Each infographic is designed based on uniquely created designed visuals. These visuals give the infographic a recognizable, powerful and unique feel.

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