Influencer marketing

We are highly experienced in influencer marketing for different target groups

An effective method to generate awareness on social media for a product or brand, is influencer marketing: the deployment of specific influencers with large communities on social media and/or blogs. These key individuals are viewed by their followers as a reliable source of information. This makes influencer marketing a valuable and useful tool to generate attention for a brand or product online.

Brand awareness

With our influencer marketing campaigns, we focus on creating online buzz and publicity for a brand, using influencers that have a connection with the target group. Through the large network of these individuals on blogs and social media like Instagram and YouTube, we are able to specifically tailor a brand’s message to a large audience. Through an article or message on their online channels we make sure that the target group is reached directly and a product or service is mentioned. Combined with an original prize the target group is mobilized to distribute a brand to their friends and followers. We make use of the ability of social media to have posts go viral, to get the most out of the competition.

Content creation

Influencer marketing is a good tool for launching a new product, generating engagement with the target group and develop (user-generated) content for a brand. Besides these posts that are shared by influentials achieve more incoming links to a website or other online medium. This has a positive effect on the average position of a website in search engines.

Management of the campaign

We are in full control of managing a campaign, from conceiving and creating content to analyzing the success of a competition. We select the right influencers for the target group, manage all communication and make sure a brand or product is well displayed online.

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