Development of e-books

Besides blogs we frequently produce e-books for B2B and B2C target groups. In these long reads specific subjects are elaborated on. Our extensive research precedes this. E-books are a clever way for organizations to share knowledge with the target group and position itself as an authority in a certain area.

Reach specific target groups

Firstly, it is important to do extensive research on the target group to determine what information she requires. We analyze what is important to the target group, what subjects are newsworthy and where clarification is needed.

E-books and marketing automation

E-books grab the attention of the target group and provide her with relevant information. The visitor of a website can download an e-book by submitting their email address. Subsequently this email address is included in a mailing list and every once in a while the lead is provided with relevant information. This way a relevant customer dossier is built up that gives insights into the wishes and needs of the target group.

E-books by The Online Group?

Our content marketers have different backgrounds and are able to dive into the matter of your organization to write high-quality e-books. Are you working on an interesting project and want to deploy e-books to provide your target group with relevant information and/or generate potential leads? Let us discuss options.
Besides profound, specific and comprehensive content in the form of an e-book, it is possible to write shorter, SEO-friendly content in the form of blogs. Through a blog on the website you ensure returning visitors and a better user experience of your website.

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