The Online Group dispatches content- and online marketers

Organizations often do not have in-house specialists to implement an online strategy in an optimal way. Sometimes, it can be useful to hire a temporary external specialist. The Online Group consists of experienced online professionals that can be dispatched temporarily to assist an organization online. Let’s meet and talk business.

Our online specialists

The Online Group employs several online- and content marketers with each their own expertise. Below is an overview of our online specialists.

Online strategist

An online strategist analyzes the issue an organization or brand faces with a fresh look and maps both bottle-necks and opportunities. This he translates into a comprehensive online strategy and helps with its implementation if needed.

Content marketer

A content marketer develops a content strategy for different channels and creates different types of written and visual content: website content, news items, blogs, whitepapers, e-mailings, infographics, animations, videos, etc. He can also publish content and take over content management.

Social media specialist

A social media specialist devises social media content that inspires and provokes the target group. He manages the social communities of brands and organizations and is responsible for web care. Our social media specialist builds communities from the ground up and/or boosts an existing community.


A SEM-specialist ensures a website achieves a strong online presence in search engines (SEO & SEA). On the basis of keyword research he maps relevant search terms and develops an effective plan to make sure an organization’s website scores well in Google or another search engine.

Professional support with an online campaign

With the support of one of The Online Group’s online specialists an online campaign strategy is set up and made into a success.

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