Designed Visuals

Creating designed visuals

Images are an indispensable part of content marketing. One of the ways to support textual content like blogs or website copy, is through custom made visuals: in-house designed visuals that correspond with the identity of the organization and grab the attention of the target group.

Visual content strengthens the message

Depending on the identity of the organization and the imagination of the target group, we devise images that fit the current corporate identity of the client. Using unique images distinguishes the organization from others and generates more interaction.


Visual content is up to 60% better remembered than textual content. It is therefore important to use powerful images that not only convey the message in a clear way, but are also in line with the look and feel of the organization. An infographic is a good example of a custom made visual that displays a lot of data in a clear way in a creative design.

Visuals for social media

The usage of images on social media provide higher visibility in the timeline of the target group and generates more engagement. We create distinct visuals that speak to the target group and trigger them to share the content with their friends. This enhances the reach of an organization or brand.

Create custom-designed visuals

Curious as to what visuals designed by us can do for your organization, or want to know more on using images for online channels? Get in contact with us!
Designed visuals are an important part of infographics, designed by The Online Group. In an infographic visuals are enhanced by short and powerful texts. The combination ensures that complex data is communicated clearly.

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