Content optimization

The Online Group is your suitable partner for optimizing content

At The Online Group we find it important that the target group appreciates your content. Therefore content optimization is an important part of the content marketing strategy. We use several tools to measure the effect of, for example, blogs, videos and visuals. We analyze them and report the results. These results are uses as a base to optimize the content.

Content analysis

To analyze the effect of social posts in a community, we use online and social media monitoring tools. We also extensively analyze the content in e-mailings. Clicks on links, open-rate of the links and developments with regards to subscribers are also things we keep a close eye on.

Content report

After analyzing content marketing actions, we draft a report. In this report we process graphs, tables, screenshots and other relevant data and support every aspect with explanations. This way we map, the results of our content marketing endeavours, in a concise and clear overview. We can send out these reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

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