Content marketing strategy

The Online Group helps you align your content strategy with your goals

The Online Group is always on the lookout for the most effective content to offer the target group. What kind of people belong to the target group, where do they spend their time and what type of content triggers them within different stages of the target market? On the base of these insights we develop a content strategy in line with the goals.

How we work

Whenever we do a content analysis, we analyze the goals, do market-research and choose what kind of channels we will use. We devise unique content themes and create a practical plan of action. This way we create a content strategy in which there is synergy between instruments like the website, search engines and social media.

Keyword analysis

To provide the target group with relevant and inspiring content during the buying cycle, it is important to know what mobilizes her. A keyword analysis gives insight into the online behavior and need for information of the target group. This analysis is an important part of the content strategy.


We often run into organizations that are not aware of the right way to shape their content strategy and method. During an inspirational session or content workshop we map the needs of the organization and give them a sample out of our content kitchen. We share some of our successful recipes, give practical insights and find a suitable content strategy.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation can be part of a content strategy. We collect data on (potential) clients. This information enables us to create a digital profile of the client or prospect, which helps us to target content systematically and in a direct way. Subsequently we create content that fits with the desires and needs of a customer, supporting them with interesting and tailored content in each phase of the buying journey. Marketing automation brings sales and content marketing together and offers lots of opportunities to B2B and B2C organizations.

Creation of content

Each content strategy starts with a content marketing plan. We use the insights we have gathered and the content themes we have created to keep creating great content.

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