Content creation

The Online Group is your partner for great content creation

Once the strategy phase is finished, it is time for content creation. At The Online Group we create different types of content for different channels. Together we look at what kind of content triggers the target group and is in line with the organizations’ identity and goals.

Textual content

There are different types of textual content that can be of relevance to the target group. Think of inspiring blogs, captivating website texts and informative E-books. Textually strong social posts and emailings can be very effective. We know how these types of textual content can add value and are experienced with the implementation.

Visual content

Some information is better conveyed in a visual manner. For brands it is important to develop a recognizable visual style that connects with the organization and the target group. Our designers are able to translate this style into all forms of visual content: custom designed visuals, photos, edited stock images and infographics. An infographic can visualize a lot of data in a compact and clear manner through a creative design. Leave your complex information at our graphic designers and they create a compelling infographic. This way we make sure every message reaches the audience in an attractive manner.

Video content

Videos, explanimations and animations are visual forms of content creation that are becoming more and more important as part of a content marketing strategy. Our film crew develops videos that generate an experience and demonstrates the message in a convincing way. Our motion graphic designers develop explanimations; videos that aim to explain the product or service in an effective manner.

Publication of content

When it comes to content marketing it is important to share the right content, at the right time and through the right channels. Apart from selecting and creating content, we choose the right channels of publication to reach the target audience effectively.

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