Community management

Our community managers keep every community lively

A lively and active community on social media is of added value to a brand or organization. Community management is therefore an important part of our online marketing services. To make sure that the target group is kept involved with a brand on social media and stays interested, we place appealing content and get in a proactive dialogue with the community. Hereby the reach of a brand is widened and the community grows on social media.

Relevant content

By analyzing the community thoroughly, our community managers know what the target group finds interesting. Depending on this information we develop relevant content that speaks to the target group. We can produce both content as well as images and videos. This way we build an online relationship with the fans and create a professional display of a brand on social media.

Viral apps

Through the deployment of viral apps, like a photo competition, quiz or another unique campaign on social media, the community stays lively and engagement is generated. We manage the whole trajectory, from the start of the competition to checking submissions and selecting the winners. If needed, we can also look for a fitting sponsor.

Online identity

Our community managers can be involved with a community seven days a week and respond to every question and comment within 24 hours. They stimulate interaction by asking questions when submitting social posts and keep the dialogue going in the comments. Hereby we ensure that the organization is seen as accessible and open.

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