Brand activation

The Online Group is a brand activation agency that creates appealing campaigns

An inspiring, fun or unique campaign is an effective way to activate a brand online.
By thoroughly researching the target group and the wishes and goals of you as a client, we can come up with unique and creative social concepts.

Activating social campaigns

Activating a brand is getting a brand or product to the attention of the target group, within a short period of time. Through an extraordinary campaign that utilizes the viral workings of social media optimally, we widen the reach and engagement of a brand. This way we build a community that connects with the brand or product. As an example: the Vita-Juicer campaign, a viral campaign on Instagram where we let food bloggers comment on the product and campaign, which was: share your favorite juice-recipe and win one of three Vita-Juicers. We also deployed social-media advertising to bring the campaign even more to the attention.

Viral applications

An effective and playful way to bring a brand to the attention, is the deployment of a web- or social-application. A viral social- or web-app can put a brand on the map quickly and in a targeted way. If needed, we do the community management and monitor through social media tools the success of the campaign.

The power of influencers

Influential (video) bloggers with reliable communities are able to put a brand to the attention of a certain target group in a targeted way. Influencer marketing is a very effective way to reach a specific target group. As a brand activation agency we have a large network of influencers and are able to deploy this during campaigns to generate a wide reach.

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