Development of blogs

The content marketers of The Online Group have a lot of experience in developing blogs for different channels in different languages. This could be content for a business type target group in a very specific segment or content for a consumer product. We know how to charm the target group with tailored and relevant content.

Enhance the online presence of your website

Prior to writing blogs, we devise a content strategy. An important part of this is an extensive keyword analysis. We process the relevant results from the analysis in the content, which enhances the online presence of the blog. Also, our regular distribution of blogs means higher visibility and more returning website visitors.

Responding to the needs of the target group

Another essential part of the production of blogs, is target group research. Our content marketers analyze who the target group exactly is, what content is required at that very moment and what the best channels are to reach the target group. Based on this analysis, blogs are created and shared through the right channels at the right moment.

Articles and web copy

A blog is a clever way to seduce website visitors and enhance the online presence of the website. The writing of quality website copy adds to this. We’d like to discuss what putting great content to use can mean for your organization. Discuss the different possibilities with us over a cup of cappuccino.
Blogs can be placed on the website, shared on social media and, through email, delivered directly to the inbox of the target group. The sharing of blog content can be automated by means of marketing automation.

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