Tell your story with an animation

The Online Group specializes in creating animated videos and explanimations. Before we start with an animated video, we design a storyboard and write voice-over texts. These texts are then put into words by a professional voice actor that we choose in conjunction with you. Every animation we create corresponds with the content strategy we have developed beforehand and is in line with the goals.

Effective visual content

Our motion graphic designers create explanimations that aim to explain a product, service or subject in a clear manner. The length of an explanimation often takes only one to two minutes, so the visitor is kept intrigued and the message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

Enhance online media

An animated video or explanimation has the ability to enhance a website or social media channel. The visual elements can strengthen textual content and add to the user experience. Besides that, it is possible to embed a YouTube video, which will enhance the online presence of the website. An animated video or explanimation can be interesting to place on social media. On Facebook, for example, videos are played automatically, which will increase the chance of more views (and more clicks and engagement).

Animation designed by The Online Group?

Are you working on an interesting project and want to have an animation or explanimation designed? We would love sharing our expertise with you.
Besides animated videos, we create videos that are produced and directed by our film crew. These professionals do the writing of the script, film on location and montage.

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