Online strategy

The Online Group develops comprehensive online marketing strategies

The Online Group analyzes the online challenge of an organization with a helicopter view and gives advice thoroughly. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by our expertise on all aspects of online marketing. This way social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing and web– and app-development can be deployed separately, or combined when executing an online strategy.

Integrated online marketing strategy

By analyzing where the target group spends their time online, what grabs their attention and what inspires her, The Online Group acquires the information to develop effective, comprehensive and integrated online strategies. This could be a strategy for a brief campaign, to launch a new product, or a comprehensive online strategy for an organization or brand.

An online strategy consists of:

• Research into the organization, target group, goal and deployment of existing resources;
• Description of the online goals, target group, to be targeted online channels, KPI’s and necessary resources;
• Execution: method, planning.

External online strategist

Often organizations have a need for an external online strategist that is present for a certain amount of time at the office or advises from a distance and helps the organization get their online marketing strategy to a higher level. This person identifies obstacles with a fresh look and is able to map opportunities and translate them into priorities. The Online Group dispatches online strategists regularly. Interested in hiring an external online strategist?

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