Online monitoring and analytics

Online monitoring and analytics reveal useful information about the online state of your brand, product or organization

By monitoring what is said online about your brand, product or organization, you gain insights into threats and opportunities and anticipate accordingly. Information about customers and competitors can be very useful.

Social media monitoring

A monitoring method through which we gain a lot of relevant information, is social media monitoring. By means of a special tool our analyst deliver clear reports with information regarding what is said about certain topic on fora, blogs, news sites and social media channels. This information can help by shaping a new online strategy or support an existing strategy.

Website analytics

Monitoring of the behavior of your website visitors can tell a lot about bottlenecks and information-need of your target group. For instance, through what pages the visitor entered your website, how long they stay and at which pages they drop out. We map this out clearly and deliver a clear overview of analytics reports. This can either be Google Analytics reports or reports of other analytics tools. Adjustments based on this data can lead to a better converting website.

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