Online campaign

The Online Group is the marketing agency that shapes your online goals

The Online Group approaches the online challenge of your organization with a broad view and develops a comprehensive online campaign plan. A plan that contains the different online channels and makes sure they strengthen one another.

Perfect cohesion between online channels

The success of an online campaign depends on the deployment of the right online channels. On the basis of the target group research we carry out in advance, we establish what channels are relevant to the online marketing campaign. It is therefore important that different channels supplement and strengthen one another. It can be worthwhile to regard independent social media channels, blogs and the (campaign) website as a whole and deploy them together. We employ digital marketers that work on each of these subjects and each have years of experience.

Mix of different online marketing specialties

Besides combining different online channels, it is important to wield several marketing techniques. An online campaign has a greater chance of succeeding when services like search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and website- and app development – and design are deployed together. This way maximum results are achieved in an online campaign.

Visibility for the online campaign

To generate immediate online visibility for an online campaign, ads on Google can be deployed. Both on social media as on Google and websites there are different possibilities to advertise online. For appearing permanently on the first page of Google we use SEO, which is organically achieving a top position in Google.

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