Online advertising

Experts in online advertising

Online advertising can significantly add to the reach of a brand or organization. There are different ways to bring a product, service or campaign to the attention of the right target group. Think of ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but also ads on Google and websites. The Online Group has extensive experience in managing online advertising campaigns that integrate different channels.

Social advertising

Social advertising can enhance the reach and engagement of social media channels and boost website traffic. We monitor results daily, so we can continually optimize ads. Depending on the budget, the target group and the message an advertising plan is set up that aims to reach the online goals.

Advertising on Google

Besides social advertising, one can advertise on Google. Through Google AdWords we bring a brand or organization to the attention of people that have an actual interest in the product or services concerned. A Google AdWords campaign can consist of search-advertising and display-advertising, among a few others. The Online Group is a certified Google AdWords partner. This means our clients receive the following benefits:

• We are in direct contact with Google and have our own contact that supports us with market information, – reports, how to optimize campaign plans and help with problems.
• Years of experience in several markets.
• A lot of information on search behavior, search volume, regional dispersion and demographic factors of Google users. This information gives our specialists the opportunity to optimize the campaigns in a way that a better return on investment is achieved. We are able to advertise in a way that is more effective than other agencies.
• Tips and advice on specific AdWords accounts that can not easily be deduced from standard reports.
• Profound and fast support to solve AdWords related issues.
• Always aware of the latest developments and trends. Not unimportant are so-called bèta’s. Hereby we can offer new functionalities, that Google has not unrolled yet, to our clients.

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