How can the regional water authority of Amstel, Gooi and Vecht use social media marketing to reach and connect to the target group with the message that is most important to them?


After one of the online specialists of The Online Group has been detached at the office of Waternet, the regional water authority of Amstel, Gooi and Vecht (AGV) asked tog. if they could also mean something for their online marketing. AGV wanted to benefit from the expertise that the online marketeer of tog. had also shown at Waternet.


Social media marketing

When The Online Group started with community management for the Facebook and Twitter account of AGV, there was a low amount of followers on both channels, but especially on Facebook (only 400). By implementing the strategy into the weekly content calendars and by deploying an effective social media advertising plan the Facebook page reached 2.000 followers. The reach grows day by day.

Twitter also got a boost in terms of professionality: the posts are written in a high quality and consistent way retaining the same visual style. Just like on Facebook, the amount of followers on Twitter has grown considerably (around 75%).

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