How can health insurance company ONVZ deploy content marketing in order to generate more traffic to the platform ‘Gids in Gezondheid’ and connect with the target group?


In order to create an effective content strategy that ties in with the needs of the target group, The Online Group performed an extensive target group- and keyword research. Based on the insights of this research a strategy is developed and search engine optimized blogs are written which are published on ONVZ’s online platform ‘Gids in Gezondheid’. Several blogs are distributed within the newsletter. Besides that, The Online Group creates infographics that inform the target group in a clear and visual way regarding various topics.


Search engine marketing

In order to map out the need for information of the target group, The Online Group deployed extensive keyword research prior to the blog production. Based on this research relevant topics were determined. Prior to every blog and infographic that The Online Group creates for ONVZ, a short keyword research is performed. The relevant search terms are included within the content, with the right frequency and at the right place. This way the organic position of the platform in Google improves. Which has a positive effect on the positioning of ONVZ as an authority regarding health as well as on their brand awareness.


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