About us

The Online Group offers the most essential online marketing services

We believe that online marketing will be leading for every business. Simultaneously it will develop itself further, become more complex and demand specialized knowledge. We offer this expertise through our services: social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing & web- and app-development.

The Online Group has a broad vision on online marketing, and we can help companies set up an all-inclusive online strategy or optimize an existing one. Our team is experienced, involved and resourceful and is driven by passion and enthusiasm for online marketing. This makes The Online Group especially able to take full advantage of online opportunities.

Social media marketing

The Online Group constantly engages in the latest developments in the field of social media to make sure that every target group is reached to its full advantage. We accurately analyze the online status of a brand or organization and develop a suitable social media strategy that places the target group central. Dependent on the needs we create, publish and manage social content in different forms for different social media channels. By interacting with the target group and responding to questions and comments of followers, we keep the community lively and involved.

Content marketing

The Online Group produces appealing content. The type of content the target group talks about and that inspires, intrigues and creates a connection, through the right channels and at the right time. We do this for organizations in the B2B and B2C sectors. Dependent on the needs of the target group we create, publish and optimize content in different forms for different channels. Hereby we ensure an optimal brand experience, always striving to reach your online goals. Think of widening the reach, promoting a brand, branding of an organization as an employer, creating engagement or generating website traffic.

Search engine marketing

The Online Group enhances the online presence of websites in search engines. We ensure that the target group can locate your organization, product or service with content that speaks to them. We do this through search engine optimization and efficient AdWords campaigns. On the basis of a thorough keyword research we analyze the need for information of the target group. We use these insights to optimize your website and enhance your online presence in search engines, so that your organization, product or service generates the visibility it deserves. We strive to reach the online goals of our clients. Think of reaching a better position in search engines and generating more website traffic and conversions.

Web & app development

The Online Group develops websites and apps that have an optimal user-experience. We develop and design uniquely thought-through and responsive websites and apps with the goal of reaching the target group and converting them. Think of a corporate website, campaign, product website or a web shop. Our apps are suitable for smartphones, tablets and social media applications. The online marketers of The Online Group dive into the target group & goals and translate the question of the client to a creative concept and design. We create an optimal brand experience that communicates the message clearly.

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